Bibliography Updated – 11 more added!

I know we have been gone for awhile but we have not forgot about the site.  We have added 11 more to the Bibliography pages:

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As you can see we added some we missed, some new and we corrected a few that were broken but they aren’t shown here.


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New book coming soon

There is a new book that is coming out next month that has a section that deals with female sex offenders.  Once the book is officially released we will add it to the book list and bibliography pages.  For now here is the title, link and summary:

Female Aggression

6. Rape, Sexual Assault and Molestation by Women


The public awareness and acknowledgement of sexually abusive behaviour by women is very new. Traditionally, rape had been viewed as an act of penis–vagina intercourse including oral or anal penetration or penetration by objects other than a penis. Once modern society began to acknowledge the existence of these forms of sexual assault, it was also forced to acknowledge that the assaults could be performed by a woman as well as a man. Besides the physical brutality of sexual assault, women also engage in coercive sexual practices. Despite the growing body of research on the topic of female sex offenders (FSOs), society seems to resist recognizing the problem. Awareness may not be any better in the mental health field. Several studies have indicated that mental health professionals viewed sexual molestation by women as benign and so the professionals were less likely to make appropriate referrals when the perpetrator was female.



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Double Standard in sentencing?

A case out of Texas of a 40+ year old woman who was found guilty of sexual assault of her best friends child, a 13 year old boy at the time it started. 

So I would ask what is the likely sentence if we switched the genders of the two?  40+ year old male who sexually assaults his best friends 13 year old daughter for 2 years. 

You can read about the case here.  The sentence ended up being 5 years probation.  When cases like this happen and the offender is a male and gets a slap on the wrist all sorts of complaints are heard. 

As long as some female sex offenders continue to benefit from the gender double standard things will not really be fair, just, or equal for anyone.


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