Described “Supermum” is a Female Sex Offender.

Here is a case out of Australia that is just wrong in so many ways. A 47 year old mother of 8 children and school teacher is convicted of trying to sexually abuse a 10 year old boy. Let me rephrase that. A 10 year old special needs student who was a student of hers and a neighbor. She received no jail sentence and only 200 hours of community service.

However there is more to this case. According to the article this woman, Diane Brimble, went way over the line in many ways. She had the boy’s name tattooed on her chest; she wrote him love letters in which she professed her love for him; she exposed herself to him; she showed him sex toys and she attempted to convince him he was old enough to have sex with her when he rebuffed her attempt to get him to sleep with her. She also had a framed photograph of the boy at her bedside.

The jury found her not guilty of the child grooming charge and the judge stated she was unlikely to reoffend. How the jury came to that decision is beyond me and the judge stating she is unlikely to reoffend is puzzling. How does he know she is unlikely to reoffend?

Think about how far this woman went and how far she might have gone if she had succeeded. It is way beyond normal, even for sexual offenders, to have their 10 year old special needs victims name tattooed on their chest.

Her barrister stated that Ms. Brimble “has not overstepped into criminal conduct.” She also went on to state that she had a difficult life and an abusive marriage. Many offenders, both male and female, have had abusive pasts. Yet we tend to give more sympathy to female offenders who have been abused than we do for male offenders.

Lastly ask yourself this. If this was a 47 year old male teacher who had done all this to a 10 year old special needs girl, do you think the outcome here would have been the same? Even close? I very much doubt it.


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Female Sex Offender Research added

We have added the following to the Bibliographies and still have more to add!

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Female sexual homicide offenders

We have added another study to the bibliography pages.  This one is:

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Limited information exists regarding the criminal phenomenon of female sexual homicide. Using FBI’s Supplemental Homicide Report (SHR) data spanning 32 years (1976-2007), 204 female sexual homicide offender cases (27 juveniles and 177 adult offenders) were examined. The offender and victim racial distributions were relatively equal. Similar to their male counterparts, female sexual murderers were more likely to target victims from the opposite gender, 75% of their victims were males. The majority of female sexual homicide offenders’ (SHO) victims were adults (78%) and someone with whom they shared a relationship (81%). Findings show that female SHOs killed intra-racially. Unlike most male sexual murderers, female offenders predominantly used firearms in their sex killings. The choice of murder weapon was primarily determined by the victim gender and age based on the differential of offender-victim physical strength. Interestingly, no intimate partner was murdered using personal weapons for two possibilities: physical strength differential and perhaps to avoid personalization of the killing process. Limitations of the data and future research directions are discussed.


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