Girl allegedly raped, murdered and dismembered by family members on her 10th birthday

The story below, if true, is just horrific.  It also demonstrates that gender is no barrier to horrific and just evil acts.  In this case 2 women and 1 man appear to be involved and the one is her mother:

A mother, a boyfriend and a third person have been arrested in Albuquerque, N.M., after police discovered the burned, dismembered corpse of a 10-year-old girl who was drugged, raped, stabbed, strangled and killed hours before her birthday party…..

According to KOAT, police said Martens and Gonzales confessed Wednesday to injecting the girl with meth “to make her calm down so they could do what they wanted with the little girl.”  (full article here)

Female sex offenders are no different than male sex offenders in that each case, each offender is unique unto themselves.  I am sure that this poor little girl suffered neglect and abuse prior to this incident.


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Why awareness about Female Sex Offenders matters

One of the many reasons why we try to raise awareness about female sex offenders is because so many people don’t even think they exist. Many times when someone reports that they have been sexually abused by a woman they are not believed.For example one study found this:

65% of the survivors who tried to tell a therapist, doctor, teacher, or other professional were not believed the first time they disclosed. Overall, 86% of those who tried to tell anyone were not believed the first time they disclosed.” – (Kidscape, Female sexual abuse of children: The ultimate taboo)

The following news story is an example of this happening.  According to the report the man had been reporting that his mother had been sexually abusing him and his brothers and sister.  He first reported his mother when he was 8 years old and nothing happened.  He allegedly told authorities half a dozen times that he was being molested and raped by his mother and still nothing was done.  (You can read the news story here)

For years these children were being molested, tortured, by their mother and nothing was done to help them.  The courage they displayed in reporting it was incredible and the fact that they kept reporting it and being ignored is criminal.


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October female sex offender cases

Here are some female sex offender cases from October 2013:

Michelle Almonte-DeJesus, 28
Convicted of having sex with her stepson and then violating her probation by living with him has been sentenced to a second term of probation.

Jennifer H. Dalton, 36
Sentenced to a maximum of 30 months for a felony count of sexual conduct between a school employee and student.

Lisa Davis, 48
Sentenced after pleading guilty to 1st degree child molestation (Child age 10).  The judge agreed to suspend all but 12 months in the 51 month to life sentence prosecutors recommended.

Amanda Feenstra, 30
Sentenced to 10 years deferred adjudication, probation and a $1,000 fine.

Tonya Flink, 40
Sentenced to four years of probation for having sex and doing “everything you could imagine” with students.

Tanai Fortman, 32
Pleaded guilty to rape and pandering sexually oriented material involving a minor.  Sentenced to a total of 15 years in prison and now classified as a Tier III sexually oriented offender.  (4 year old female victim)

Megan Garland, 29
Pleaded no contest to charges of illegal sexual contact with two students.

Sara Meghan Henderson, 41
Convicted of felony criminal sexual conduct, sentenced to 44 days of jail time, to be served as community service, plus five years’ probation.

Rachael A. McCormick, 38
Sentenced to six months in jail with work-release privileges.

Danielle McDonald, 34
Sentenced to 20 years (victim age 13),

Nicole Ethel McMillen, 43
Convicted of sex assaulting two teens in her home.

Kelly O’Rourke,
Sentenced to 10 years for violating no-contact order.

Amanda Rowles, 28
Pleaded guilty to sex assault on a child by a person in a position of trust.

Jennifer Lynn Woods, 36
A former Newcastle special-education teacher was ordered to serve 90 days on a sex-abuse conviction.



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