Girl allegedly raped, murdered and dismembered by family members on her 10th birthday

The story below, if true, is just horrific.  It also demonstrates that gender is no barrier to horrific and just evil acts.  In this case 2 women and 1 man appear to be involved and the one is her mother:

A mother, a boyfriend and a third person have been arrested in Albuquerque, N.M., after police discovered the burned, dismembered corpse of a 10-year-old girl who was drugged, raped, stabbed, strangled and killed hours before her birthday party…..

According to KOAT, police said Martens and Gonzales confessed Wednesday to injecting the girl with meth “to make her calm down so they could do what they wanted with the little girl.”  (full article here)

Female sex offenders are no different than male sex offenders in that each case, each offender is unique unto themselves.  I am sure that this poor little girl suffered neglect and abuse prior to this incident.


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Why awareness about Female Sex Offenders matters

One of the many reasons why we try to raise awareness about female sex offenders is because so many people don’t even think they exist. Many times when someone reports that they have been sexually abused by a woman they are not believed.For example one study found this:

65% of the survivors who tried to tell a therapist, doctor, teacher, or other professional were not believed the first time they disclosed. Overall, 86% of those who tried to tell anyone were not believed the first time they disclosed.” – (Kidscape, Female sexual abuse of children: The ultimate taboo)

The following news story is an example of this happening.  According to the report the man had been reporting that his mother had been sexually abusing him and his brothers and sister.  He first reported his mother when he was 8 years old and nothing happened.  He allegedly told authorities half a dozen times that he was being molested and raped by his mother and still nothing was done.  (You can read the news story here)

For years these children were being molested, tortured, by their mother and nothing was done to help them.  The courage they displayed in reporting it was incredible and the fact that they kept reporting it and being ignored is criminal.


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Breaking a Female Paedophile Ring

Back in May there was a program shown in the UK titled “Breaking a Female Paedophile Ring.”

Overall I thought it was well done.  I made a few notes while watching it and want to reflect on them here.

During part of the show they played a recording of Vanessa George and she made the following statement:

You’d have to put a ring on my finger to make me do things like that.

She was talking about doing sexual activities with a child and made this comment before she had done anything.  This type of comment points to a theme that ran through the show with all the offenders.

That theme is that the offenders were putting their own desires. their own wants and needs ahead of the children.  They also were treating the children like objects, like property rather than as people.

The show had a few good comments that I liked.  One was the comment about a general misconception about women not being abusers.  Another was the comment that 1/5 of the Childline callers had reported being abused by a woman.

There were more comments about or by the other offenders that I think were telling.  For example Angela Allen was reported to have called him a pervert when he got arrested yet acted innocent at the time.

For her, Angela Allen, to have gone from taking pictures to taking pictures of herself sexually abusing a child speaks volumes.

Tracy Lyons talked about how they used to just send her links to sites and pictures but she just got rid of them because they were “disgusting.”  So of course they were so disgusting that she kept on having contact with them.

Even more telling is how she made the disgusting comment and claimed she stopped having contact with them because she would not do what they asked but the truth is that in a two week period she went from contact online to making a film of herself orally sexually abusing a 2-year-old child.

I think the film did a good job with the limited amount of time they had.  I think they showed how everyone, male and female, are 100% responsible for their own behaviors.

Yes they may have been vulnerable but that does not excuse their actions.  They put their own wants/needs ahead of the children. Child Sexual Abuse is a very selfish act with the perpetrators treating the children like objects or property rather than as fellow human beings.  There are many lonely vulnerable people in the world and they do not do these things.


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