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The website and this attached blog are NOT about bashing women. The goal is to highlight the ways in which popular stereotypes of women, motherhood and violence work to further exacerbate survivors’ struggles to make sense of the abuse. It is about highlighting the fact that there are female abusers out there and how society as a whole has dealt or has not dealt with that fact.

While the main focus of the site is on female sex offenders and those impacted by them, we hope to expand this to include the role of female offenders in areas such as Intimate Partner Violence, Child Maltreatment, and more.


The website, this attached blog, and posts are done by a group of volunteers who are non medical professionals (with the exception of our sponsor John Davidson, L.P.C.C.).   We blog anonymously, and our posts represent our personal opinions, or in some cases, our interpretations of articles in the popular press, or reputable  journals (these places are specified as such and references are given when applicable). Our posts do not represent the opinions of our colleagues, our institutions or work places, or the medical/mental health profession as a whole, just our own thoughts.  Please see the disclaimer page for more information.

You can reach us by emailing Admin1 at female-offenders.com


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Please remember that any information submitted through comments or emails are inherently not secure. If you would not say it out loud in public than please don’t send it to me or post it in a comment. I will never intentionally divulge personal information or contact information of our visitors, when possible.  Illegal activities will always be reported immediately.


This site contains no advertising nor is any advertising revenue a source of funding for this site.  All funding (and support) for this website is provided by John Davidson, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, Certified Sexual Offender Treatment Specialist, who declares no conflict of interest that could impact the reliability or accuracy of this website’s content.

This website and blog contain hyperlinks to other sites or resources that are provided solely for your convenience. We are not responsible for the availability of external sites or resources linked to the site, do not endorse and are not responsible or liable for any content, advertising, products or other materials on or available from such sites or resources.

We do not allow users to post any commercial/advertising in the comments.


 Posts made on the blog are visible to everyone and once they are posted a user is unable to modify or delete their posts.  If you wish to modify or erase them please contact us.  We would also ask that users give references (i.e. links) to the health/medical information they discuss, when it is not personal experience.

No Medical or Mental-Health Advice: Please do not make posts advising others to ignore the advice of medical or mental health professionals. This includes, but is not limited to, suggesting people refuse to take prescribed medications, avoid treatments, etc.

Note: Rhiannon/Blogger is the nym used for posts written and /or posted by any of the volunteers/author of the blog.  Since we have both female and male members the nym is meant to cover both genders.

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One thought on “About Us

  1. I for one have found this site to be very informant and helpful in many ways. Having been involved with a person who abused (which I didn’t acknowledge until after the fact) both my children and me for many years emotionally. At the time I thought (show you what a smart person I am) she only abused only my oldest and me emotionally. But thru reading I see that my youngest suffered as well but not as in a more direct way. The mother of my children having since left us all back in May 2006 and that now we have been in NC (no contact) for almost 3 years I now can understand and see just how much emotionally abuse she put us thru almost daily. This is of course something that I will have to live with for the rest of my life. Insomuch that I should have put in end to it must sooner. My only pleas for understanding is that I did “Love her very much” but I know now how I put my own wants before those of my children. May God forgive me! Please dear readers know this! That if one is involved with a abuser and sociopath (these two go hand in hand) and they don’t want to change or acknowledge the abuse. Nothing with ever change and your dysfunctional relationship will only continue for years and years to come…

    Again thank you for this site and may God bless.

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