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Thank you very much for the great work with your website and for collecting so many studies!

What is your personal opinion on this studies’ results regarding males being so much more likely to self-report being victimized?

Of course studies will continue to contradict each other, but this claim was very unexpected.
I’ve read many of the works you linked and all I remember are studies that came to the exact opposite result, which makes a lot more sense to me (society, expectations, outdated gender roles, “male”/”female”, all of that makes it much more difficult for a male (to realize it AND to be taken seriously)).

Also: do you by any chance remember what that study was that claimed prevalence rates of female offenders were much higher for adults than for younger females? I remember that male/female offender rates were very close in that one, but only after the age of 18. Again the exact opposite of what this study claims. Weird.

Thanks again, I can only hope you won’t abandon your site one day. Please continue doing this very important job!

Kind regards,

Thank you Max.  I try to take all studies with a grain of salt.  Also just one study in and of itself might be interesting but it needs a lot more studies to verify it.  Especially when dealing with this subject.  Female sex offenders is an area that is just now being looked at in an objective way by a few researchers.

I don’t remember the study you mention sorry.  I would suggest to anyone who is interested in these studies to try and read them and look at all of the study because often you will find some surprises.  For example one of the studies that gives rise to the 1in4 number for sexual assault for women has a question that goes something like “have you ever had sex when you did not want?”.  Answering yes to that question counted as sexual assault.  Now I know a lot of men and women who have been married for decades who would answer that question yes to that question but don’t feel it was sexual assault.  So you have to be cautious with any study.  That is why we try to put them all here, good and bad, so folks can research for themselves and decide.


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