Research on Female Sex Offenders added

We have added the following studies to the Bibliography pages:

French, B. H., Tilghman, J. D., & Malebranche, D. A. (2014). Sexual coercion context and psychosocial correlates among diverse males. Psychology of Men & Masculinity.  Advance online publication

Hovey, A., Stalker, C., & Rye, B. (2014). Asking women survivors about thoughts or actions involving sex with children: An issue requiring therapist sensitivity. Journal of Child Sexual Abuse.

Ratliff, L., & Watson, J. (2014). A descriptive analysis of public school educators arrested for sex offenses. Journal of Child Sexual Abuse, 23(2), 217-228. doi:10.1080/10538712.2014.870275

Staunton, C., Hammond, S., Perkins, D., & Lambert, S. (2014). Biosignal measures of female sexual interest: Their feasibility in a forensic context. Journal of Criminal Psychology, 4(1), 59-75. doi:10.1108/JCP-11-2012-0019

We hope to have a new post about one of them soon.


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