Female Perpetrated Rape in War

In December 2012 we posted about women raping other women in war.  We also made 2 other posts in 2011 about the research. Here and Here

Now there is an article in Time titled:

Congo’s Forgotten Curse: Epidemic of Female-on-Female Rape

This article is talking about the same research we discussed in 2012.  Here is one part of the article and it is horrific:

The women continued to psychologically and physically abuse Marie for four days. She was forced to imitate sexual pleasure as they assaulted her. By the fourth day she was bleeding so much that the women gave up. They wanted to kill her, but the men in the group argued with them.

The women argued with the men over who would be the ones to rape this poor woman.  This shows the message that we repeat here over and over.  People are people for both good and bad.
Another interesting point the article makes is that women have reportedly committed acts of sexual violence during conflicts in Liberia, Haiti, Sierra Leone, Northern Ireland, Sri Lanka and Rwanda.  But almost no one has ever discussed this and almost no one ever hears about it.


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One thought on “Female Perpetrated Rape in War

  1. I’m really glad this research had been done and these details published. There has been a need for it for years. This is a critically important contribution to understanding the issue.

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