Research on Female Sex Offenders

We have added 8 more entries to the Bibliography pages.  We have over 600+ entries all dealing with female sex offenders in some form.  At this point this makes us, we think, the only place on the web that has all this information put together in one place about only this subject.  These eight entries were sent to us and a big thank you goes out to everyone finds research we have missed and sends it to us.  One of the goals of this site is to maintain a complete and objective bibliography so people can search through the research themselves without it being cherry picked.  We still have more to add soon,  For now here are the eight studies we have added:

Averdijk, M., Müller-Johnson, K., & Eisner, M. (2011). Sexual victimization of children and adolescents in switzerland: Final report for the ubs optimus foundation November 2011.

Bynum, M., & Graham, T. E. (2012). Are judicial systems sexist regarding teacher sex offense sentencing guidelines? . Retrieved from

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Frketic, K., & Easteal, P. L. (2010). Public perception of teachers’ sexual misconduct: Does the sex of the teacher make a difference? Alternative Law Journal, 35(3), 142-146.

Hannah, C., Dawson, D. L., & Nair, R. (2013). Female-perpetrated sexual abuse: A review of victim and professional perspectives. Journal of Sexual Aggression: an International, Interdisciplinary Forum for Research, Theory and Practice. doi:10.1080/13552600.2013.798690.

King, M., & Woollett, E. (1997). Sexually assaulted males: 115 men consulting a counseling service. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 26(6), 579-588.

Simon, L., & Zgoba, K. (2006). Therapeutic jurisprudence and sex offender policies, part ii. Sex Offender Law Report, 7(1), 1-4.

Stennis, J. (2006). Equal protection dilemma: Why male adolescent students need federal protection from adult female teachers who prey on them. Journal of Law & Education, 35(3), 395-403.


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