Sexual abuse and torture of a child

The National Post has a story in it that is just so terribly sad.  A story of abuse, torture, long term neglect, and almost every other thing you can think of that could be harmful for a child.  There is way too much to try to go into here so here are a few pieces of the article:

But the underlying cause of Jeffrey’s death was chronic and prolonged starvation; it is that which speaks most poignantly to the years of cruelty and deprivation the once-chubby little boy endured.

Well, for that psychological assessment, she wore a T-shirt that read “Sex Instructor” on the front, which was startling, the report said, “because some of her impugned behaviour related to sexuality in front of the children, as well as the sexualization of the children themselves.”

You can and should read the full article here.  It is an extremely troubling story for many different reasons.  Not just because it is about a female sex offender but because it goes into all types of abuse, torture, and finally a child’s death which all were preventable.  Read the related stories as well for a much better picture.

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