Female Sex Offenders by frequency of offense type

We continue to add to our Bibliography pages and some of this information is sent to us by our readers.  We want to thank you all for your help.  Our newest addition is one we missed but has some interesting information in it:

Pertaining to female sex offenders:


  • As of 2009, there were 174 community treatment programs for adult female sex offenders in the US, as well as 19 residential programs.

  • In 2008, these 2 types of treatment programs had treated a total of 1,335 adult female sex offenders.

  • Most outpatient treatment occurs in a private practice or community mental health setting while most of the residential treatment occurs in prisons

  • In descending order of frequency, the female sex offenders were most likely to be Incest Abusers, extra-familial child molesters, statutory rapists, child pornographers, non-contact offenders and rapists.

Of most interest to me is the last piece.  Most people are of the mind that sexual offenses against children are especially heinous.  But for some reason many seem to overlook the fact that when it comes to female sex offenders the majority of their victims are children and often their own children.

The report is:

McGrath, R., Cumming, G., Burchard, B., Zeoli, S., & Ellerby, L. (2010)

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