Research on Female Sex Offenders

To make up for some lost time we have added 4 more studies to the Bibliography pages.  Those studies are:

Cortoni, F., & Gannon, T. A. (2013). What works with female sexual offenders. In What works in offender rehabilitation: An evidence-based approach to assessment and treatment. Oxford: John Wiley & Sons. doi:doi: 10.1002/9781118320655.ch15

Gannon, T., Waugh, G., Taylor, K., Blanchette, K., O’Connor, A., Blake, E. , & Ó Ciardha, C. (2013). Women who sexually offend display three main offense styles: A re-examination of the descriptive model of female sexual offending. Sexual Abuse. doi:doi:10.1177/1079063213486835.

Hayes, S. L., & Carpenter, B. J. (2013). Social moralities and discursive constructions of female sex offenders. Sexualities, 16(1/2), 159-179. doi:10.1177/1363460712471112.

Koller, J. (2013). The ecological fallacy (dutton 1994) revised. Journal of Aggression, Conflict and Peace Research, 5(3).

And we still have more to add!


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