Maternal Incest study

We have added another study to the Bibliography pages.  This one is:

Turton, J. (2013). Betrayal of trust: Victims of maternal incest. In Participation, citizenship and trust in children’s lives (pp. 73-92). New York: Palgrave Macmillan.

We have more studies to add in the future.  We have over 600+entries in the Bibliography and this can be a valuable resource for those in the helping professions.  Many professionals are not aware that there is any research let alone this much research available.

Because of this and the many comments, emails and contact form responses we have received we intend to continue with this site even if it means we are not posting as often as we used to.  We are also hopeful that someone will come along with an interest in helping with posting on the site.  Anyways thank you everyone for your kind comments of support.


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2 thoughts on “Maternal Incest study

  1. Maternal Incest

    The concerns over sexual abuse have been high on the public agenda for several decades now fuelling public anxiety, media uproar and political debate. However the issue of women committing sexual abuse remains uncomfortable and rarely discussed. Childline figures from 2008 to 2009 indicated that 17% of calls they took from children talking about sexual abuse cited women as their abusers. Jenni is joined by Professor Jackie Turton from Essex University to look at what lies behind the resistance to accepting some women can and do abuse, and the consequences of that denial for the survivors of that sexual abuse. They are joined by Claire Lilley, senior analyst in the NSPCC’s strategy unit.

    (Jenni talks to Bill & discusses the issue with Claire Lilley, NSPCC & Prof. Jackie Turton)

    Duration: 16 minutes

  2. Having followed this blog since the start when it was only an idea, I am sitting here after reading ALL of the bibliography shaking my head in wonderment. You guys have done an amazing site and I still wish there was more of this type of educational stuff out there on the net…FACTS yet! Wow, what an interesting concept!

    As you know I have a particular loathing for pedophiles (of any sexual orientation, age, race, color, creed, or national origin) and I admit I had no idea about the high percentage of female offenders until you educated me.

    I would make a suggestion for an article or some research about the EFFECTIVENESS of treatments in changing behavior…I don’t believe prison works to change behavior, but I’d like to know if there is something that DOES have positive effects, and if so what? Thanks for all your hard work guys!@

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