Female Pedophilia increasing?

I wanted to post a few clips from an article in Pravda.  Yes that is Pravda as in Russia.  The article states 

Pedophilia is changing its forms. Increasingly more often children are subjected to sexual violence from their own mothers.

I agree in part.  I would say that increasingly it is being noticed, reported, caught, etc.  The article also states

Pedophilia is changing its shape. Increasingly more often children are sexually abused by their own mothers. At the same time, neither the police nor social services or services that protect the rights of children are willing to prevent similar tragedies.

I would say this is not uncommon.  Though I would say a lot of this is not a conscious decision to not prevent, rather it is often the stereotypes we hold about mother’s and females that cause some to minimize everything about female sex offenders. 

 If you read my previous post The Long-Term Effects of Child Sexual Abuse by Female Perpetrators: A Qualitative Study of Male and Female Victims, you will see where this denial and minimizing is discussed in much greater detail. 

As time goes by and (hopefully) more people become aware of this issue, it will hopefully help people to feel safer to come forward about what happened to them.  A common theme that run among many victims of female sex offenders is that when they did try to tell someone they were often not believed.


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