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There is a new, well relatively new, online journal out that recently had an article written by Jennifer McCollum that discussed female pedophilia.  The publication is called MP: An Online Feminist Journal.  While the article itself was discussing a novella from 1898 there were some comments that Ms. McCollum wrote that I wanted to highlight here.  Excerpts from The Romance of Henry James’s Female Pedophile:

Ms. McCollum hits the nail right on the head with:

American society has silenced the female pedophile from public discourses, removing her from history, because she threatens to deconstruct the cultural imagining of femininity as a genre.

Recent studies in criminology and psychiatry conducted by Kolja Schiltz and Boris Schiffer prove that today the trend is still to consider pedophilia as an entirely male pathology, as each study uses only male test subjects.

She is quite right. The use of the term pedophilia in a clinical manner rather than as many lay people use it makes a difference in the definition.  She then goes on to point out some things that have been said on here many times before:

Indeed, the slight amount of attention given to female pedophiles is staggering, considering that, according to David Finkelhor’s numerous studies, women’s sexual abuse of children is much more serious than men’s because women are more likely to have abused more children for a longer period of time (Murray 215), are more intrusive, and more likely to use higher rates of force than men (Moulden 388). Finkelhor found that in cases of daycare molestation, more than 60% of children who were molested, were molested by women (Murray 213).

I could not agree more.  Often when someone gets insulted or dismissive about the issue of female sex offenders it seems to me that some, some, of them seem to take offense because of the offenders gender and they completely ignore the victims.  Ms. McCollum goes on with more:

Heather Moulden’s 2007 follow-up to Finkelhor’s research verifies, “despite a social reluctance to acknowledge female sexual abusers, reports suggest that they account for between 3% and 15% of all sexual offences” (387). However, as Richard Tewksbury reports, that number is probably much higher since “female sex offending is […] acknowledged as possibly less likely to be detected or reported” (30). Despite the general reluctance to pursue female suspects and to incarcerate them (Moulden 199), criminal acts by female offenders have reached a ratio of 6:1 compared to male criminal acts (Palmero 30). Moulden’s study of female sex offenders found that “females offended against younger victims and were more violent as compared with male abusers”

It gives me hope that as more time goes by that more attention will be given to the information that Ms. McCollum pointed out above.  Ms. McCollum made reference to a study and gave a quick blurb about it here:

Chow and Choy’s study of Miss A, a 23-year old mother of two sons, found that she met DSM’s criteria for a pedophile. She confessed two incidents of sexual abuse to her priest in which she, while babysitting, bathed young girls and continued to lick or rub their vaginal area and then masturbated herself. Miss A admitted that she believed these girls, aged 4 and 5, were sexually taunting her and were pleased with her initiation of a sex act. She decided to seek help in the fear that she may someday give birth to a daughter (214).

All the studies listed above, and many more, can be found on our main websites Bibliography page as well as being listed below.

Chow, Eva W.C., & Choy, Alberto L., (2002). Clinical characteristics and treatment response to SSRI in a female pedophile. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 31(2), 211-215.

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Murray, J. B. (2000). Psychological Profile of Pedophiles and Child Molesters. The Journal of Psychology 134(2), 211-224.

Palmero, G. (2003). Female Offenders in a Changing SocietyInternational Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology 47(1), 493-497.


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8 thoughts on “Female Pedophiles

  1. is there any evidence to suggest that the small proportion lesbians and bisexual women who commit sexual abuse on girls, compared with straight women who abuse boys, are responsible for a disproportionately greater number of offences compared with straight women? For instance Home Office figures would suggest that a very small proportion of gay men are responsible for nearly a third of paedophilia.

  2. basically society is far behind in reporting these sort of acts committed by women,due to the social stereotyping ‘that women do not do these sorts of things’,common sense tells us that basically human nature is the same for men and women and there is as many sexually psychologically distorted women out there as men,and that female paedophilia is just NOT REPORTED ,or believed by authorities,unfortunately the female paedophyle will use this to her best advantage and probably has been committing offences against children far.far longer than any of her male counterparts could possibly hope to get away with

  3. Woman Sent to Prison for Abusing Child

    Rowena Manuela Klinker was sentenced Thursday, January 19, 2012 to a total of 40 years in prison for sexually abusing a child that was good friends with her own children. The 49-year old Houston woman was sentenced to 20 years in prison on each of two counts of Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child after pleading guilty to the indictments. Klinker was eligible for probation.

    Evidence presented by prosecutors assigned to the Child Abuse Division of the District Attorney’s Office revealed that Klinker had repeatedly sexually abused the young girl that was close friends with the defendant’s own children in 2007. Klinker groomed the child victim by buying her items, taking her places, and supplying her with a cellular phone so that Klinker could communicate with her. The defendant had contact with the victim approximately four times per week over the course of two years.

    Lead prosecutor Zahra Jivani Fenelon says that majority of times child victims do not tell right away when they have been sexually abused by someone they know, and when they do tell, they may not reveal all of the abuse at first. “This is especially true when a child victim has been groomed by the defendant and made to believe that the abuse is in fact a normal relationship. Therefore; counseling for all victims of sexual abuse, whether they are children or adults, is extremely important to help them heal and understand that what happened is not their fault,” says Fenelon.

    Mrs. Fenelon had praise for the child victim, “This young lady endured continual sexual abuse by someone she should have been able to trust. She is a wonderful girl who has a lot to be proud of. It took great courage to come forward and face her abuser. Because she was able to stand up for herself by telling what happened to her, she stood up for all child victims as well.”

    “Most of the crimes prosecuted in our Child Abuse Division occur between victims and perpetrators who know each other,” said Assistant District Attorney Natalie Sarfin. “Often they are relatives, friends, or neighbors. The crimes Klinker committed are worthy of very severe sentences. Justice was done in this case.”

    Klinker was prosecuted in the 400th District Court before Presiding Judge Clifford J. Vacek. Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child is a first-degree felony punishable by 5 to 99 years or life in prison and a fine up to $10,000. Under Texas parole law, the defendant must serve at least 10 years in prison before she can be considered for parole.

    Assistant District Attorneys Zahra Jivani Fenelon and Natalie Sarfin prosecuted the case. Attorney Kenneth Bryant represented the defendant.

    Fort Bend District Attorney’s Office


  4. Well done USA for actually giving the female pedophile a proper sentence for the depravity she inflicted on innocent children.
    Someone please remind British Judges to get real about Female Pedophiles in the UK where the sentences are a joke by comparison
    40 years sounds more like what I want to see,
    May these wicked cruel manipulative female pedophiles who abuse children rot in hell
    As should all pedophiles (rot in hell) be they make or female.

  5. Hi Maureen. Here’s a comment from a recently UK news article (Daily Mail) that may be of interest to you & others.

    – Cathy, England, 17/2/2012 16:40

    “Haven’t they got anything better to spend their taxes on? He’s not a child, he’s a young man. Boys and girls at or over the age of puberty are NOT children. Fire her if you like but criminalising this is ridiculous.”


    As we are aware, from my previous comment on this thread female child sex offenders (pedophiles) can be sexually attracted to adolescent females as well as adolescent males.

    For example: “Mrs. Fenelon had praise for the child victim, “This young lady endured continual sexual abuse by someone she should have been able to trust.”

    Note that, unlike the comment from Cathy, England, lead prosecutor Mrs Fenelon recognizes & acknowledges that a young lady (and presumably a young man) can still be child victims of sexual abuse despite her reference to the victim as a “young lady”.

  6. Another rececent case from the UK:-

    Evil woman set ‘sex trap’ for boy, 12

    An “evil” woman who tried to lure a 12-year-old boy into a sexual relationship by using her daughter’s mobile phone has been jailed for three years.

    The 40-year-old from Malvern, who cannot be named to protect the identity of the youngsters, made hundreds of calls to the boy pretending she was her daughter.

    She forced her daughter, then 11, to pose naked so that she could send indecent pictures to the boy, who she also showered with gifts including a £200 scooter.

    The lad, who had briefly been friends with the 11-year-old, was unaware of the pretence, said Lee Marklew, prosecuting at Worcester Crown Court.

    During hours of contact over 15 months, the woman continually suggested they should have sex and asked him to send a picture of his genitalia on Facebook.

    Police were called in after an aunt found indecent images on the woman’s phone and the girl also made a complaint to her teacher.

    The defendant admitted four counts of cruelty to a child, taking, possessing and distributing indecent images of her daughter, and inciting the boy to become involved in pornography.

    Mr Marklew said the mother had tried to get the boy to send pictures of himself on Facebook. He had been embarrassed when she asked for nude photographs so he used Google to paste in make-believe genitalia.

    The woman also bought condoms to encourage her daughter to have sex. She told her: “If you get pregnant, I will raise the child myself.”

    When the boy’s mother was told what had been going on, she was horrified, said Mr Marklew, and was extremely angry because she had not realised sooner.

    When arrested, the woman had first denied the offences. She later made admissions, saying she had been miserable and depressed. She had been fascinated creating her own world in this way.

    Nicholas Roberts, defending, said his client was not dangerous but had been involved in a difficult relationship with her daughter. This had resulted in bullying, including slapping and punching.

    She had tried to hang herself but had been cut down. She had also been abused by other prisoners on remand when they discovered her crime. She had no explanation for her course of conduct.

    Judge Robert Juckes QC said the woman had rightly described herself as “evil” in a pretence which amounted to sexual manipulation of someone who had briefly known her daughter.

    There had been a game of deception which had arisen out of her perverted desire for sexual gratification. It was a picture which painted a unique and serious kind of cruelty.

    The defendant would serve half the three-year sentence less the 138 days already spent in custody. The judge also made a sexual offences prevention order forbidding her befriending or taking pictures of anyone under the age of 16.


  7. Washington State Supreme Court upholds conviction of Jennifer Leigh Rice

    A unanimous state Supreme Court rejected an appeal by former school teacher Jennifer Leigh Rice and upheld her conviction for child molestation and kidnapping.

    Rice, a fourth grade teacher in Tacoma, had argued that the so-called special allegations against her, – that she was predatory in her molestation and later kidnapping with sexual motivations of a 10-year-old student and deserved a longer sentence – was a violation of the separation of powers. That’s because the legislature was mandating that prosecutors charge those crimes with special allegations, removing the discretion allowed the executive branch.
    Jennifer Rice

    The court reject the argument. Writing for the majority, Justice Steven Gonzalez said the legislation is actually discretionary because there are no consequences for prosecutors who refuse to charge as the law states.

    “We find that the challenged statutes are directory rather than mandatory. Although the statutes authorize special allegations and direct prosecuting attorneys to file them, the statutes do not attach any legal consequences to a prosecutor’s noncompliance, and the legislature elsewhere in the same chapter has acknowledged that prosecuting attorneys retain broad charging discretion notwithstanding statutory language directing them to file particular charges,” Gonzalez wrote.

    The court adds that had the charging decisions been mandatory, they would be unconstitutional.

    ” The charging discretion of prosecuting attorneys is an integral part of the constitutional checks and balances that make up our criminal justice system.”

    Rice’s crimes occurred between Dec. 1, 2006 and Feb. 28, 2007. During that time she had sexual contact with one of her 10-year-old students and later abducted the same student from his home and drove him to a rest stop and molested him.

    Also, on two separate occasions, Rice had sex with a 15-year-old boy.

    She was sentenced on July 24, 2009 to a term of 25 years to life.

    Below is a link to the decision (Filed: June 28, 2012)


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