Female Sexual Predator story

This story is from back in January. The title of the article sums it up pretty well:

Women on the prowl: Grown women sexually abusing teenage boys much more frequently than reported

FEMALE SEXUAL predators are on the prowl in Jamaica, targeting young boys, but most of these abusive acts are occurring below the radar.

Most of the cases of sexual abuse of boys by women are not reported to the police and, in some instances, are condoned by society which sees it as a badge of honour for the boy even though he is below the age of consent.

Consultant clinical psychologist Dr Karen Richards told The Sunday Gleaner that, around the world, there is an under-reporting of cases where women sexually abuse young boys.

“Some men I have known say when they tried to talk about sexual abuse to relatives or friends, they were laughed at. What are you complaining about? I should be so lucky is the usual response,” added Richards.Read the entire article here


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