54 year old woman molests 8 year old boy

To many times when I read an article about a woman sexually abusing a child I see comments that openly state or imply that the victim probably liked it or that the commenter would have loved it when they were that age. This article briefly talks about some of the horrific damage that can occur:

SD – A 54-year-old Spearfish woman was sentenced to 15 years in prison after admitting to sexually molesting an 8-year-old Spearfish boy.

Linda Barkey previously pleaded guilty to sexual contact with a minor younger than 13 and was sentenced Friday in Deadwood.

The victim’s new adoptive father said the boy, now age 10, is suffering greatly from the molestation.

“He digs at his skin and causes it to bleed because he is trying to dig the hurts out of him,” the father said during the sentence hearing. “He will continue therapy heavily for the next two years.”

The father said the family accepted Barkey’s plea deal, in which rape charges were dropped, because their son wouldn’t have been able to come to court and testify about the incident.

“She raped him, touched him and physically abused him several times,” he said. “To have this trauma happen to him is sickening in my opinion.”

“These crimes had a very devastating effect on the victim,” Lawrence County State’s Attorney John Fitzgerald said. “He is a double victim of sexual assault and suffers through the trauma of having to re-live it.” – Read the entire article here


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