Female Serial Rapist?

If the allegations are true this becomes a story about a female serial rapist who operated on her own. Just another example that sexual assault is not a gender specific issue but rather a human rights issue.

The police were shocked that 32-year-old Valeria K., a quiet good-looking woman from the city of Tambov, was the mysterious rapist who abused 10 local men after poisoning them with clonidine, Life.ru reports.

Valeria, who has already been nicknamed the Black Widow for her love of spiders, would get acquainted with men and invite them to her place.

She gave them drinks with clonidine, which almost immediately sent them to sleep for almost 24 hours.

After that, she undressed her victims and raped them, tightening a rope on their male organs to keep them erect.

Waking up in hospital with clonidine poisoning and penis trauma, all the victims could remember was a friendly brunette who gave them drinks. – Read the entire article here


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2 thoughts on “Female Serial Rapist?

  1. Because men can easily fight back and kill any woman who chases him and rapes him. Men are very defensive and resistant creatures and rape against them hurts their manhood and dignity.

    In fact, you should write an article about slut-shaming female sex offenders, especially when they rape men their age or older.

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