32 year old woman sexually abuses 6 year old

A story out of Indiana in which a 32 year old woman has been sentenced to 80 years for 2 counts of child molesting.  According to the story she started sexually abusing this child when he was 6 years old and continued for years.  (Full story here)

A few things stand out in this story with the worst being this quote:

Martin’s mother Arlene Martin told detectives Martin had been inappropriate with two younger family members before and was not allowed to be alone with them. She also said she had caught Martin inappropriately touching an infant..

So she had already been offending against other children and an infant and it was never reported?  Sadly this is very common when it comes to female sex offenders.  They are probably the least reported group of sex offenders.

Because of the lack of reporting and the fact that often these cases do not get labeled as rape is why the statistics on female sex offenders are so skewed and so many people are in the dark about them.


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Bibliography Updated – More to come soon

We have added another study to the Bibliography pages.  That study is:

Friedman, S. H. (2015). Realistic Consideration of Women and Violence is Critical. Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and Law Online, 43(3), 273–276. Retrieved from http://www.jaapl.org/content/43/3/273.short

Violent offending by women has been on the rise in recent decades. Women perpetrate relationship violence, child physical and sexual abuse, and stalking. They commit approximately half of the cases of filicide, and nearly all neonaticides. Like men, women may be aggressive and have rational though unsavory reasons for horrific offenses. Yet, propensity toward violence is often perceived as a masculine rather than a feminine trait. We have limited language to explain women and crime. An understanding of the intersection of women’s lives and crime is crucial for forensic psychiatrists, because of their roles in evaluations and treatment, and as expert instructors of jury and judge. Forensic psychiatrists cannot be blind to the potential for women to be violent, else they allow violence to continue, underestimate risk, and produce inappropriate courtroom testimony.

You can read the complete article at the link.  There is also a section about Female Sex Offenders as well.


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